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Dr. Nirjhara Wagh (Founder Aarogyam Holistic Healing)

Hi, I am Dr. Nirjhara Wagh. I am a Homoeopathy Consultant & a Psychological Counsellor. Homoeopathy & Counselling were the two fields which always caught my interest and these interests have come from my personal experiences.

I experienced the wonderful results of Homoeopathy myself as a child which ignited an interest in me to pursue Homoeopathy. Also, counselling is something which I have been exposed to since my childhood. My father has been a counsellor for more than 25 years and I have been raised in an atmosphere where mental health is given a lot of importance.

I have grown up seeing how he deals with his cases and it has instilled in me a sense of empathy and understanding which is very essential for a good Counsellor.

My interest in Homoeopathy and my resolve to be a good doctor showed itself in my college years too. I excelled in my course & topped subjects like Pathology & Surgery. I sincerely believe in the merits of my profession and always put in 100% efforts to treat my patients. 

On the professional front, I have 2 centres in Bavdhan & Kothrud areas of Pune. I am also a Guest Faculty in D.S. Homoeopathy Medical College & a Counsellor at Modern Law College Pune. I make videos to spread awareness about Holistic Health and you can watch them on my Youtube channel with the name Aarogyam Holistic Healing.

Personally, I am an avid reader. I absolutely love traveling, spending time with my friends & family and focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle.


How Can We Help


It is rightly said - Emotional well-being is as important as breathing. Counselling is the answer to resolve our Personal, Professional or Social issues. It focuses equally on self-development & enhancing our skills to lead a happier and peaceful life.


It is the safest method of treatment which cures the disease from the root cause and stops any recurrence of the complaints. It gives a rapid, gentle, permanent restoration of health, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way.

We Love Our Patients

Our mission is to help people to be healthy, both physically & mentally, so that they reach their highest potential & enjoy this wonderful journey of life

A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside